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Industry Experience

GAndeon Building Glass (AB Glass) Established in 1995 the Group offers two-decades industry experience in the South African Glass and Aluminium industry.

Dynamic Leadership

With a culture of quality at its heart, the company is driven by a dynamic team led by professional staff members

Technical Expertise

A team of in-house industry professionals made up of SAFIERA accredited simulators and SAGI Competent Persons provide expert advice from initial design to final delivery.

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Glass Inspiring Spaces

About Us

AB glass is a proud company which has been involved in the glass industry since 1997

We are a small, yet efficient glass and glazing company situated in Pretoria.  The AB Glass team has many years of experience in the glass and glazing industry.  We pride ourselves in our client satisfaction and our great workmanship.  We believe in quality and that people are our most valuable asset.  Our well-trained technicians make our service effective and efficient.

We are proud and confident of our workmanship and believe that our quality standards are undisputed.  We respect you and your property, you can be rest assured that we will leave everything neat.

Your projects are important to us.  We strive to deliver products & services within your budget as far as it’s possible.

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